Discover the types of energy that are changing the world

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Discover the types of energy that are changing the world

Facing the challenge of supplying energy to a world with growing demand is a major challenge for humanity, especially considering the urgent need to adopt clean, non-polluting energy sources.

For this reason, science is constantly searching for sustainable and cost-effective energy sources. Currently, some renewable energy sources with great potential are being researched, which could become the energy sources of the future.

In the following lines, we will introduce you to some of these innovative energy sources.

Electric power

Electricity is a form of energy produced from the difference in electrical potential between two points. When these points are connected by an electrical transmitter, an electric current is generated which transmits negative charges (electrons) through conductive materials, such as metals, from the point of generation or storage to the point of consumption.

Electrical energy is often transformed into other forms of energy, such as mechanical, thermal or light energy, to be used in different everyday applications. To access this energy, we use plugs or sockets installed in our homes and turn on switches to activate different electrical devices.

Electricity is a fundamental source of energy for economic and social development, and its efficient and sustainable use is key to caring for the environment and combating climate change.

What are the benefits of electricity?

The use of electricity has revolutionised the way we live, work and communicate, enabling access to electronic devices, household appliances, lighting, transport systems and many other applications that improve our quality of life.

In addition, electricity is a very efficient form of energy, as it can be easily converted into other forms of energy, such as light, heat or mechanical energy, without generating waste or polluting emissions. Electricity is also a sustainable and renewable energy source, because it can be generated from clean and renewable sources, such as solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy.

Another important benefit of electricity is its ability to be distributed over long distances through transmission and distribution networks, bringing energy to remote locations and communities that would otherwise not have access to it. Electricity can also be stored in batteries and other energy storage devices, allowing it to be used at times when power generation is limited or unavailable.

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