The biggest mansions in America that will make your head spin

If you had unlimited money, what sort of dream house would you build for yourself? For some people, their dreams came true — big time. These stunning American mansions all clock in at more than 20 times the size of the average American home when measured by square footage. Many of them are now wonderful museums, others are college campus halls and some are still private residences. A few aren’t even fully constructed yet. Here are 21 of the biggest mansions in America.

Il Palmetto, Florida: 40,900 square feet


This sprawling beachfront pad was built in 1930 by architect Maurice Fatio, who was famous for his luxury, Mediterranean-style mansions. The previous owner, billionaire Jim Clark, put it on the market back in 2016 for $137 million (£104m). Without a sale, he was forced to slash the asking price to $115 million (£87m) and in 2018 eventually sold it for around $90 million (£68m) to the Vecillio family.