The Most Beautiful Pools in the World

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The Most Beautiful Pools in the World

The world’s best pools are a combination of modern architectural feats and ancient natural beauty, spanning nearly every major ocean and continent. Whether you’re looking for luxurious amenities or are willing to venture out to organic wonders, these stunning waterholes are sure to steal your heart and instill some wanderlust along the way.

While many of the amazing pools of this list are in far-flung destinations, these Instagram-worthy sights can be found all over the world—including the U.S.—wherever your heart is longing to travel. These days, many of the natural pools on this list have become popular attractions that now offer spa services, accommodations, dining, and more. Be sure to keep these breathtaking bodies of water on your list the next time you plan a vacation.

San Alfonso del Mar (Algarrobo, Chile)


San Alfonso del Mar, a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile, is home to one of the most beautiful pools in the world with breathtaking clear blue waters. Stretching nearly 1 mile and filled with 250 million liters of water, San Alfonso del Mar once held the Guinness record for the largest man-made crystal clear lagoon in the world.

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