The rarest and most curious houses in the world

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The rarest and most curious houses in the world

Who hasn’t imagined their dream home? Each of us has a different idea of what that ideal home would be. What are the rarest houses?

Whether to challenge the capabilities of architecture and design, to distinguish themselves from the rest or simply to create a home that will become a tourist attraction, there are people who have brought their ideas of houses to reality, no matter how strange or crazy they may seem.

Would you like to live in an abandoned airplane? Or how about a cave furnished with the utmost luxury? 

It’s time to get to know some of the strangest and most curious houses in the world. Ready?

1 – Rarest houses: The Bubble House (France)

rarest houses

This house is inspired by the shape of soap bubbles. Who would have thought that such bubbles could become a home? And not just any house, because this is a mansion created for the famous French designer Pierre Cardin, which can also boast of its location on the French Riviera, near Cannes and Nice.

A place that could well work as tourist accommodation, what do you think?

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