Transform your home with renewable energy

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Transform your home with renewable energy

The future of energy lies in renovation, not only because of its more sustainable character, but also because of its lower cost. In this sense, we would like to present you with the most convenient options for your home.

In recent years, environmental awareness has increased significantly, which has led many people to consider adopting alternative and renewable energy sources.

Nowadays, we not only have hybrid and electric vehicles, but we can also take advantage of wind or photovoltaic energy to heat our homes or generate electricity.

Solar thermal energy for water heating

Solar thermal panels are an efficient and sustainable way of capturing the sun’s energy and converting it into heat for heating water.

Unlike conventional water heating systems that use fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases, solar thermal has no environmental impact and produces no emissions.

In general, it takes between 2 and 4 square metres of surface area to heat the water used by a family, although this depends on the efficiency of the solar panels and the geographical location.

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